The Diamond Grip Yoga Towel:  Reduces slippage with diamond-textured microfiber weave.  Our thinnest and lightest yoga towel.

A YogaRat exclusive, the Diamond Grip Yoga Towel’s innovative diamond-textured, 100% microfiber material creates natural friction between your feet, hands and yoga towel, greatly enhancing your grip on the towel as you practice.  The Diamond Grip Yoga Towel is our thinnest and lightest yoga towel, and it makes a great choice if you are travelling, or you need the towel to dry quickly without the use of a dryer, or you just like something that takes up less space to lug around. Super-absorbent fabric keeps on performing, even through sweaty circumstances.  Machine washable/dryable (wash cold with like colors only, no bleach or fabric softener; tumble dry).

Diamond Grip Yoga Mat Towel

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