YogaRat offers a one-year Product Warranty on all its products for all of its brands. This replacement warranty covers any product failure resulting from manufacturing considerations, and does not cover damage or failure resulting from user neglect, improper care, or improper use.

If you would like to make a warranty claim, feel free to be in touch with us via email and be sure to include date and place of purchase, product type, and a description (and, ideally, images) of the referenced issue.


Towels and Hair Products

All our Towels are manufactured of durable 100% microfiber material (80% polyester/20% nylon). They're able to absorb multiple times their weight in water, are fast drying and made to endure many trips through the washer and dryer.

YogaRat towels are machine washable and dryable. To prevent possible issues with color bleeding, we recommend washing them separately in cold water before use, and in cold water with like colors thereafter. Colors may bleed for first several washes, depending on the color of towel.


All RatMats Made of nontoxic PVC foam, without the use of pthalates, heavy metals, or toxic plasticizers, these mats are designed to last for the long haul. Printing ink used on all our mats is also nontoxic. RatMats are 24" wide, 72" long, and ¼" thick.

All of our yoga mats are nontoxic and manufactured with environmentally sensitive processes; however, because RatMats are shrink wrapped immediately after production it's possible that you may notice a slight odor when you unwrap your mat. If this is the case, simply unroll and let it hang in a dry, ventilated space until any scent dissipates.

This is an issue that any mats made from a PVC base material may experience. Other mats of this type are known as Clean PVC, Non-P, or PER mats.

These mats can be cleaned using a mild, non-oil based soap and a soft cloth. Hang to dry. Do not place your RatMat in the washing machine or dryer. We recommend giving your RatMat a wash before use to enhance grip.

Should you wish to clean your mat, please use a mild, non-oil based soap and a soft cloth. Hang to dry. Do not place your mat in the washing machine or dryer.


Clean with mild soap-water solution. Don't leave in direct sunlight. Please use care when storing or packing your RatPad™, as sustained pressure over small surface areas may leave impressions in the foam that do not affect performance. Made from non-toxic, closed cell foam.


Our Yoga Blocks are manufactured from nontoxic EVA foam material, which is durable and very lightweight. Closed-cell in construction, our blocks won't absorb moisture, so they'll be your constant practice companion for the long haul. Clean your Yoga Block with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth. Air dry.


YogaRat's Yoga Straps are made of heavy-duty 100% cotton with steel rings. Machine washable. Hang/air dry.

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Top-quality, eco-conscious yoga gear, yoga mats and yoga towels.


SportLite towels and blankets are great for sports, travel and leisure, and they are perfect for your next trip to the beach, campground or surf adventure.

Beauty Bee

Beauty Bee is dedicated to creating top quality microfiber beauty towels and selling them at the best possible prices.


Long and short sleeve tech t-shirts, for use on land or in water.

Clear Kleen

Industrial grade microfiber cleaning products for the home, car and office.